Update February 2022

DPAC has developed draft documents for Plan Section 2 - Notifications and Section 3 - Resident Relocation. Copies of the draft documents are available for public review after February 11, 2022. They are located in the DPAC February meeting package on the BVCSD website under agendas/Disaster Preparedness Advisor Council. https://www.bvcsd.com/agendas. The IDEAS section below can be used for comment.

The Public Safety Committee Chair and Vice-chair have reviewed the drafts of Sections 2 and 3, approving the formatting and currently included information. Based on this review and approval, DPAC is working on refining the Section drafts.

In the IDEAS section of this initiative, El Anciano made two very good suggestions; consider a civil defense siren warning system and coordinate with SCADA. DPAC has researched the idea of using a siren system to notify BVS residents of the existence of an emergency as an improvement to the notification process. When activated, the sirens will alert BVS residents of the existence of an emergency. Residents will then utilize the process outlined in the Plan to determine the nature of the emergency and whether or not they are directly impacted. It is recommended that sufficient sirens be utilized to ensure all residents can hear the notification. In addition, the data communication system used to communicate and control BVS water resources (SCADA) is being examined to determine if it can also be used to activate and control the sirens. Thank you El Anciano for your attention and input.

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